Barn conversions

  • Date: 20/02/19
  • Area: 1600m2
  • Location: Dunmow, Essex
  • System: Standing seam
  • Materials: Rheinzink Graphite Grey
  • Client: R.E.Butlers

Barn conversions

North End Barns, Dunmow.

From our very first site visit to the last day on site we worked very closely with the main contractor to ensure the project ran to plan and was completed on time. Due to the shape of the barns we had to overcome a few problems but between us and others trade we got the job over the line with quality workmanship.

We are revisiting the site soon to complete an additional garage block in the same system.

Since completing this project in 2016 we have since undertaken many other barn conversions in a various shapes and sizes.