Copper Roofing Services


Copper Roofing Services

Work with Copper

Cooper Roofing is an increasingly popular metal roofing option. The high sheen of brand new copper settles into a blue-green patina over time. Both hues can complement your home and give it a classic, unique flavor. There’s no doubt that copper roofing is beautiful, but its appeal doesn’t stop there, Copper roofs provide more than architectural detail. Copper offers a low-maintenance, fire-resistant, wind resistant, durable and lightweight roof covering.

The rich diversity of KME’s TECU range of copper and copper-alloy materials & systems enables unparalleled variety and high-quality aesthetics for architecture.

Whether for the whole façade or roof, or simply accessories for feature areas and trims, the complete nature of KME’s offer provides solutions for practically any architectural requirement – all with the guarantee of quality, durability and long-lasting beauty for your peace of mind.